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Welcome Friend just another boy mom handling life with iced coffee in one hand while roaming target aisles.
Busy.  Busy. Busy. 

It's crazy how quickly life gets busy then you have a moment of nothing to do until your to do list is as high as the laundry basket in the hallway. 

Here are some updates of the Ticali household: 

  • Alexander is almost 9 months, he is eating foods like chicken, mangos, avocados and some pasta. He has 4 teeth that are already in + 2 on their way in. + he knows how to use them too. 
  • He's becoming more vocal and definitely more interactive - he makes ma, pa, ba, ah, brr, and la sounds. He's also waving hello, though most times its random. 
  • He is so lively, he interacts + smiles at everyone. He shows how excited he is, he is definitely starting to show his tantrum side. His fine + gross motor skills ( top, there it is) are so great. He finally brings food to his mouth, he tries to piece puzzles together + he is such a dancer. He is using a walker to coast around the house + is beyond mobile. 
  • Nick is getting ready to leave for some time - so Alexander + I are filling in our schedules with busy work. He's on a schedule of his own, he picked it. All of that trying to sleep train and BAM! he picked his own schedule, so classes + fun, play times + play dates will have to wait. 
  • I have my first wedding coordinator job this September - so I'm excited + nervous about that. 
  • I have also been working on my Masters in Early Childhood. I have five classes down, currently taking two classes + I'll have two or three classes before I am FINISHED.   You have no idea how exciting this is. I can't say it has been easy because juggling a deploying husband, a full time wife, mom, fur mom + grad school has been exhausting on top of picking up small jobs here + there.  Anticipated date of completion looks like November/December + I'll probably be graduating in May 2017. How exciting!?
  •  I am looking into becoming a virtual assistant to be able to supplement our income - so if any of you have some insight or some awesome. Since I won't be returning into the work force until August of 2017 - I believe this is the perfect time to be able to stay home, pick up a job or two + provide for the familia. 
  • I've had to take a step back from being a Beachbody Health & Fitness Coach + really start from fresh. The journey has been a great one + I really can't wait to help others reach their fitness goals + be where they want to be. I wish everyone could feel how I feel right now!

Needless to say, we're still dealing with our one year inspections for our house which has truly been a process of its own. Here is to hoping that things will simmer down a bit. We'll be in NYC from July 25th to August 2nd + then my 24th ( for the third time) birthday will be upon us. 

ps. Me + calliou are about to fight. 

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  1. You are seriously doing AMAZING, and I'm so proud of you!